Wednesday, 17 May 2017

While waiting

I am now waiting for Bun wai to arrive at one Utama. Got time to write and crap. Finished sipping my milk tea

First, attended a coaching workshop yesterday with Cindy. Take away is to learn to apply that in any other relationship; be open, make the other party feel safe, make yourself trustworthy, active listening, success= awareness and action (make the party aware and take action)

After that went shopping at Tesco.  Finally restocked my cereal and milk. Bought ice cream too :D.

This morning I went to garden, met with Sathis. After discussion, he is willing to fund some of the materials for the rainwater harvesting. #awesome.  Now I need to find the pricing  for two more items before I submit it to him.

Looking to secure some new bgs this weekend.

Got scklm this weekend.

Got Bazi workshop.

On Monday attended CPA meeting, had mamam (mom mom like eating).  Not bad (had their mango chicken rice).  Siu Ching asked me to sign off her CPA (which I did) and introed me boxgreen. Decided to try one month and see how.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nick's treat!

Group pic from Lucky Bo. Nick bought us an expensive dinner (20 pax?) last Saturday. We had wagyu steak, one medium and another medium rare.

I fine the medium rare relative raw, like sashimi, which made it much more delicious to eat, texture wise. The medium one is more chewy, so not that great. But did I enjoy it? I think it was an experience for me, as it was my first time tasting a steak close to the texture of a sashimi. However, later I realise what was missing for me was that it could have been juicier. The texture was good but no juice (maybe cos it is that raw that it does not work that way).

Anyway it was fun! Shame no after-dinner gaming session though. :( was looking for some party games/ spyfall.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Jogging with hl and diyana. Did abt 40mins

Friday night yumcha at qbistro. No keys and nobody home so had to use side door to leave the house.

Spend the day chatting with mj

Sunday got two session of badminton. One with friends another with  family. Got popiah to eat in between. Lol


Helped out at the garden. Set up another raised bed, started the next one.

Did some composting, pour coffee grounds onto the beds, collected the limau purut and go at dung from eunice for kammo.

Rested for like 2hrs.

Then chat on phone, played computer,

At night played badminton for three hours before went for mamak alone. Rm3.50 for roti canai and milo ais. Tai!

Saturday, 6 May 2017


Havent been blogging for more than  a week!

Quick updates :

Caught up with Joanne and kitmun (both were giving away their wedding cards)

Played badminton last Monday with ah Mei jie2 N ah leng jie2.

Watched guardians of the galaxy 2 sneak preview (wed mid night). Movie was funny!l for a superhero movi

Met with Jesslyn and Mindy also for a yumcha session. Jesslyn drives a BMW. O.o

Started reading jo nesbo's redeemer

Started germinating some seeds. So far the spinach is doing well!

Now am waiting to run with hl and diyana

Monday, 24 April 2017

Jjptr / money game

Boom! LOST RM1,410. Just entered last week then this weekend went bust!

Weekend with relatives

Picked up them from airport
Drove to OU, had Mak Chee for lunch. Mak Chee belong to Po Ling jiejie's friend from HK
Drop Dad back home, drove them to Wah koko's house
went for CPA meeting

Lunch @ Ah Wah koko's house - chicken rice and some vege
Day time travel to Putrajaya for sightseeing
Fatty crab dinner at Ah Wah ko ko's house

Gardening in the morning, managed to build 2.5 raised beds. do up three compost wire mesh area, used up the soil
Day time chill at home, drove to Yut Kee but it was not open. Had cendol for lunch
Dinner @ Grand Kingdom with Kaufu and Kuma etc
- salad lou sang with soft shell crab and fruits
- soup
- fish
- vege
- dessert
Cyber with guys - CS and Call of Duty
Sleepover at Wah's house

Day trip to MLK
I drove there, back and the whole trip! Was slightly sleepy/ tired otw back. Thank god for prawn crackers
Ate chicken rice balls
Chill at hardrock cafe
Went to Tan Kim Hock (NOT TAN CHENG LOCK lolol)
Drove back, went to Klang for bubur goreng (NO MANTIS PRAWN, sobss)
Balik rumah
Yumcha with Sherry



this afternoon, for a moment, after receiving a text from a X, I felt this utter sadness within me, that I do not want to do anything today. I just want to blank out and just not think. For this 10-30 seconds, it felt horrible. At least it was to me.

And of course, as adults, you come to term with reality and all. It is not the end of the world (duh), and at no point in life anyone should make you feel that way, and you should not let anyone do either.

Feelings and emotions, are complicated matters. And as you get older how you get into a relationship and fall in love changes. You put in more thought into commitment, the longer run and how viable is the relationship, even before it starts. You do not just rush into one and let the flow take you away. nooo.....


What should i do about it? I decided to try to think and worry less about what other people think or feel about me (which to some extent it is not right as you might ruin a friendship) and be more forward about things (not to say I am not already).

I know what is the problem. Problem is the person I am slightly interested in does not have much in common with me. :(