Monday, 25 September 2017

Kathmandu day2

Arrived yesterday late night with marlina and CHC. The airport is small. Funny thing was we had to go through security after immigration, before collecting our luggage, so basically they were checking our carry in luggages. I just wonder why because it is likely the departing airport would have done some checks on it already...

Anyway dil picked us up. The hotel is small but the room is spacious. Toilet is uncomfortable. Small and don't feel it is clean. We showered and rest for the night.

Morning we got up, changed money and head for Bfast. Had big breakfast. Cost USD3.5 ish.
After that we settle some admin stuff before heading to our local sightseeing. We decided to take a local driver to ease our travel. Visited monkey temple. The temples here all got a pillar in the middle with eyes drawn on each sides of the pillar.  According to CHC, not sure how true, it is basically the sign the God is watching out for the people, at all directions. I bought a singing bowl here.

Next is the durbar square. We didn't go in because 1) we were given only 30mins 2) it cost us 1000 rupees per pax. Head back to the car.

Then head to pasupati temple. It is a Hindu temple. At the side there is a river where they burn the dead. Then the ashes will be thrown into the river, which flows to India. We got a student guide here, which was expecting us to tip him 1k but we stuck with our 500rp. There are different places for diff classes. Normal ppl burn at one area where as rich another. Kings have their own, which is the closest to the temple.

There are yogi/hermit staying near the temple where they will take photo with your for a donation. They also will share teachings of the Hindu for those who seek them.

After temple, we head for lunch. Tried local staple food (which is quite similar to Indian food) and momo (dumpling). I m happy to order momo again but not the local food.

Visited bhadaunath Temple. There is some ceremony going on as the monks were chanting and there is a monk's picture in the center with tables full of offerings of food and drinks.

Head home. Count money, realised may not have enough money for the journey. Head out for dinner.  Had kebab. Head home.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Lack of postings

Spent the whole day (till 3pm+) shopping for gears for trekking. I ended up spending RM505 on a backpack, cap, water drinker, fodable bag, battery and long pants.

Had leftover fried rice for lunch.

Went and see doc, he gave me prescription to make my stuffed ear "flow out".

Chatted with Gloria for abit.

Cut my hair and contemplated to shave. Had sushi for dinner. Bought rations for the trip too.

Need to organise my time to:
1) do the report for DBKL
2) review the documents from Azlan

Watched Joey Yap's QMDJ videos (they are for free). He even provide you free chart

Just register an account! It's free too. If you don't know how to read, feel free to ask me :D

Stayed up playing FM and watching the QMDJ until the game starts. Watched the first two goals, then fell asleep till post-game. Liverpool drew at home to Sevilla 2-2. Same story. Leaky defence. Klopp needs to work harder on it.

Suppose to run with Tse Yee but tak jadi. Dinner at Ding Tai Fung with kaufu, jj, hs
Finished playing Tomb Raider :)

Started doing some wrist exercise to strengthen it and quicken the recovery

Went to KL Jalan Alor with Bun Wai taking the MRT.

see doctor for my ear. he clean the sht out of it. But still stuffy

Took Bun Wai to sign the SPA, view the condo showroom and makan Goon Wah. Dinner we had order dishes at ss2 with Eng Seng and Eng Wah + Nicole.

Bought a wrist support band. pick up Bun Wai from airport. Had supper ming tien

HL's bachelor. Sprained my wrist playing dodgeball. Think the guys enjoyed playing the blindtest challenge. We had fries, bubble tea, beer, cheese tart, korean fried chicken, fried chicken and earphones.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Weeekeend activities

Hiking with Jolene at Saga. Good stuff. Used my shoes again. It is good but reminder to self to try it with long socks next time around.

Lunch/brunch @ Huckleberry. Suppose to have b1f1 but according to cashier today is counted as PH also. wweird but I asked twice so thats how it is so nvm le. tried the vegetable burger. no next time for me. tried the croissant. okla only.

after dropping Jolene, head home, download my iZombie season 3 and binge watch it the whole day. Had McDs for dinner. :D

Garden with Nick + friend. Managed to cut the fruit waste before dumping it onto the compost site. The compost that CS and KF did is working (can feel the heat). I did some bricks moving, weeding and plowing.

Badminton. First time playing with Su Ann in months! Nice to see her again after so long.

Lunch @ Tmn Megah/Mayang - siu yuk noodles. yummy!!

Came back and chill for a bit, before heading to Ah leng jiejie's for second round badminton. This time Ashley and Avril joined us as well. Time flies. I left around 6pm. We agreed to makan dinner at Centre point with kaufu at gerai.

Elise very cute. haha. not sure if i get what this means when i re read it next time. Hint: swimming pool + embarrassing moment when she gets older. Even Ah Mei + Ah Leng jiejie knows. I am surprised at how direct and forward she can be with it. hahaha

Gerai - ordered hainanese curry rice + chicken chop. I realised I dont really like their chicken. lol. I think it was enjoyable to have the company of cousins to dine together, since no one else is around. After that we had baskin robbins ( i didnt but the kids did) for dessert. Left earlier to meet up with Cady.

We went for KOPI to yumcha. Initially supposed to go for drinks but i changed my mind.

Came back home, showered then KO with the lights on.

now is 3am and I am wide awake lol.

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Tried omurice

Play genitals sticks

Merdeka day, Hari raya hol

Tried mango cheesecake ice cream cake

Playing badminton this weekend! Awesome!

Monday is a PH

Met up with MJ at Owls Cafe. Not bad the food there. Chat for. 2hrs.

Been binging iZombie

Played bowling. Lost to HL. GRRR

going hiking tmr with Jolene

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Friday @ ccw

So today I went and clean up the compost bay I made yesterday. There were termites so I need to remove the pallet.

After that I head home to rest. I bought back nasi lemak with beef. Yums!

In the afternoon, I just slacked on my phone, watching videos online. I tested my study desk and it is not bad at all. Works just as I hoped. However, the chair is small for my liking. So I decided to head to Ikea to try on some cheaper chairs (not markus).

Parked at Ikea, shopped at Daiso and Tesco first. Bought a pot and pair of gloves. Then makan hot dog and curry puff. Wanted to get chatime but the Q is too long so I meh it.

Walk around the Ikea showrooms, sat on some chairs. Found one that I potentially may buy. Gonna sleep over it first.

Bought 4 plants, another two white hanging containers. Happy with my purchase as I think all are air purifying plants.

Came home and set them up. Two are at my study table, the rest are in my room. I need to get the tube hanging towel thing for the bathroom soon so I can hang shit there.

Ended the night playing games at Ccw. Played NBA playground and jack box. Tried Tricia's earl grey cake. YUUUUUM!very soft and can clearly taste the early greyness! We also tried the snacks and SA white wine. I like the taro chips. The others just normal nia.